Complimentary Portfolio Risk Analysis

Please consider reviewing a risk analysis of any of your equity portfolios or funds.


If you provide holdings (tickers or ISINs), weights, and the portfolio’s benchmark,

we’ll respond with:


  • Your portfolio’s current risk relative to its benchmark (its future tracking error).

  • What portion of current risk is due to security selection and what portion is due to passive exposures that are simply different from the benchmark’s exposures.


  • Whether the fund is taking sufficient security selection risk to overcome active fees


  • Details of individual passive exposures and how much each contributes to tracking error.

  • Details of individual security positions (including those you don’t own) and how much each contributes to tracking error.


  • And if you provide the name of a fund, we’ll tell you whether or not the fund shows statistically significant evidence of security selection skill.

Or try the models yourself.  It’s easy to load your own portfolios.



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