Peer Analytics offers next-generation factor risk models to asset allocators and asset managers, and partners with Beacon Pointe to bring actionable predictive analytics to property-casualty, life, and health insurers.


Together with Beacon Pointe Insurance Consulting Services

Research Team

Michael Kantor Ph.D.

Michael created a unique investment-performance diagnostic algorithm for the investment industry. This original approach to defining the impact of asset mix, market timing, and stock selection on portfolio return has since been widely used by fund sponsors and investment management organizations. Michael holds a BS degree from the Wharton School of Finance and a Doctorate in Mathematical Statistics from Columbia.


Sheldon Engler Ph.D.

Sheldon was previously head of fixed income research at Charles Schwab Investment Management and prior to that global currency strategist and director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa research at Bank of America. Sheldon teaches applied economics at the University of San Francisco College of Professional Studies and at the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management. Sheldon served as chair of the California Chamber of Commerce Economic Advisory Council.  Sheldon earned his Doctorate in Economics at the University of Florida.


David Newsom

David served as Senior Vice President, Research at SEI Investments prior to co-founding Peer Analytics with Michael Kantor. David and Michael pioneered an original stochastic modeling program integrating insurance company assets with liabilities – now called Dynamic Financial Analysis or DFA. David is a graduate of Whittier College with a BA in Mathematics and Economics and holds an MBA in Finance from UCLA.

Greg Kapoustin CFA

Greg is expert in the diverse areas of software system design and engineering, financial analysis, portfolio management, and financial risk management with a track record of design and implementation of complex synthesis projects spanning these diverse fields. He has spent the last fifteen years in the financial industry, with ten years of focus on portfolio management, risk management as well as reporting system design including multi-factor risk model design and implementation. Greg is a graduate of Amherst College with a BA, Summa Cum Laude, in Mathematics and Computer Science.